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- Composed of controller, magnetic switch, molded case circuit breaker, leakage breaker, enclosure, etc.
- Classified into Stand on type, stanchion type, and street lamp pillar attachment type according to the installation method.
- Classified into two-door advertisement type, one-door advertisement type, one-door general type according to the shape of enclosure.
- Classified into wireless two way, wireless one way, GPS type, and computer type according to the used controller.
Two way surveillance switch for street lamp (model : TCT-100C)

- Wireless remote lighting and blackout control (package, group, individual, street lamp pillar individual)
- Dual control by built-in timer in case of unavailable wireless control
- Ordinary report and extraordinary notification of nighttime operations through cell phones
- Control GIS(geographical information system) function, facility database buildup and management
- Trouble data management and search
- Power and leakage value LCD window display
- Molded case status(leakage, blackout, used power) monitoring

● Size : 138×228×97mm(W×H×D) | ● Holder : 122×212(4EA)
Two-way street lamp surveillance switch (model : TCT-100C)

- Wireless lighting/blackout signal reception and wireless remote control
- Dual safety control (wireless interference monitoring and recovery)
- Late night control of 상시등 and 격등
- LCD display and onsite manual operation key
- GPS status and setup display

● Size : 145×195×85mm(W×H×D) | ● Holder : 130×178(4EA)
CDMA street lamp controller (model : TCEX-100C)

- Compatible with Korea Expressway Corporation’s remote control system - Repair box status(leakage, door open, blackout) monitoring - Confirmation of communication history - LCD big enough to examine the operating status at a glance - 16 circuits which can be extended to 24 circuits in case of use of extension mode

● Size : 138×228×97mm(W×H×D) | ● Holder : 122×212(4EA)
Automatic GPS/street lamp switch (model: TC-2090A/B)

- Time correction using GPS (GPS optional)
- Same day control time setup
- Conversion of 상시등 and 격등 into alternate day system
- 상시등 and 격등 lighting on alternate day
- Week day control
- Classified into GPS or automatic computer street lamp switch according to whether there is GPS receptor or not

● Size : 177×126×75mm(W×H×D) | ● Holder : 157×110(4EA)