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Traffic information processing
It exchanges information with the central control unit, analyzes the information gathered from signal control unit, MMI and each unit of extension board, and controls the display status of traffic signals

Communications function
It is used to send and receive information to/from a traffic information center, receive traffic parameters periodically, upload and download database, and exchange onsite information including signal status, controller status, and collected traffic information.

Database management
It manages signal control by use of both database also available to traffic control center and internal database.

Vehicle sensor
It is a device to sense the passage of vehicles by use of loop coils laid on roads. It has three modes of output, sensitivity, automatic frequency, and correction function.

Extension slot function (optional)
It is used to control input of pedestrian signals, traffic signals of the section in which the direction of traffic streams for each time zone is reversed, and reversible lanes, and collect and analyze information on traffic streams through interface with image sensors.
Manual input processing
It exchanges data with the main control unit and controls the display status of signals after analyzing the information collected from each unit including signal control unit, MMI, vehicle sensor and extension board.

Signal conflict and 등기출력 detection
It detects the electric current and voltage on 등기부 within LSU circuit, the status of 등기 output on controller based on the signals, and the signal conflict.

Flasher unit
When there occurs a conflict on the signal lighting status of signal control unit or a conflict on the input voltage, it flickers red signal after it receives a flickering order from CPU.

Fixed cycle display
It is the final mode performed in SCU when MCU hardware is out of order. It is used to proceed with display at a fixed cycle.

It is a switch gear for signal lamp. Six drive circuits are built in each unit to open and shut 48 등기 circuits.

Lighting controller
It controls the brightness of signals by controlling electric wave and half wave on the basis of AC(60Hz).
POWER 안정적인 동작전원을 공급
압력변동, 부하변동에 안정적으로 동작
과전류/과전압 보호내장
입력전압 : 110/220V, AC 겸용
출력전압 : DC +5V(20A)/+12V(5A)/-12V(1A)
효율 : 110/220V AC 입력 100% 부하시 80% 이상
Safe supply of electric power
Safe operation under pressure and load changes
Protection from overcurrent and overvoltage
Input voltage :110/220V, combined use for AC
Output voltage : DC+5V(20A)/+12V(5A)/-12V(1A)
Efficiency : over 80% in case of 110/220V AC input and 100% load
CPU 센터와 통신장치를 통한 자료교환 및 각 모듈로부터 정보에 대한 분석/저장처리
CPU : Intel 80386EX-33Micro Processor
Memory : RAM 256Kbyte, ROM 256Kbyte
RAM Data Backup : 24시간이상 유지
사용전압 : +5V DC, ±12V DC
Data exchange through center and communications device, and analysis and storage processing of information collected from each module
CPU : Intel 80386EX-33 Micro Processor
Memory : RAM 256Kbyte, ROM 256Kbyte
RAM data backup : maintained for over 24 hours
Used voltage :+5VDC, ±12VDC
MMI Menu Drive 방식으로 메인메뉴에서 각 메뉴에 해당하는 항목을 선택하여 표시
입력전압 : +5V DC, ±12V DC
Controller : 내장형
접속방식 : RS232C Serial 통신
Key Scan Time : 1.7ms 이내
Display of each menu selected from main menu by menu drive method
Input voltage : +5VDC,±12VDC
Controller : built-in type
Interface method :RS232C serial communication
Key scan time : within 1.7ms
LOOP 도로에 매설된 루프코일과 연동하여 통과차량의 ON/OFF 정보를 취득
입력채널수 : Unit(Card)당 4채널
탐색방법 : 순차적 탐색, 자동 주파수 조정기능
차량감지속도 : 1km~160km/h
출력모드 : 존재검지, 통과검지, 동작정지
Acquisition of on/off information of passing vehicles by connecting with loop coils laid on roads
Number of input channels :4 channels for each unit(card)
Search method : sequential search, automatic frequency modulation
Vehicle sensitivity speed :1km~160km/h
Output mode : detection of existence, passage and operation
CONT 교차로 신호등의 점등상태 모순 및 각종 장애에 대해 점멸기를 구동
CPU : 8Bit 이상
메모리 : RAM 128kbyte, ROM 128Kbyte
Serial Port : 2Port (RS232Port)
WDT기능 : CPU 내장형 및 외장형
Switch drive with regard to signal lighting status conflict at intersections and all kinds of troubles
CPU : over 8bit
Memory : RAM 128kbyte, ROM 128Kbyte
Serial port : 2 port (RS232 port)
WDT function : built-in and external types
LSU 신호등 점등상태 모순을 검지
각 등기 출력단에 외부전원 Surge를 감소할 수 있는 기능을 내장
정격전압 : 110/220V 겸용, 60Hz
누설전류 : 8mA(110V AC에서) 이하
출력회로수 : 6회로/LSU × 8LSU = 48출력
Detection of signal lighting status conflict
Function built in each 등기 출력단 to reduce surge of external electricity
Rated voltage : combined use for 110/220V, 60Hz
Leakage current : less than 8mA(at 110VAC)
Number of output circuits : 6/LSU× 8LSU = 48 outputs
FLASH 점멸 동작상태를 표시할 수 있는 점멸표시 LED 내
정격전압 : 110/220V 겸용, 60Hz
Flash 출력회로수 : 8회로
Flash 출력시간 : 17ms 이내
Flash 출력의 Duty : 50%(On/Off비율 1:1)
점멸주기 : 0.5초, 1초, 2초 등으로 선택가능
Built-in LED to display the flickering operation status
Rated voltage :combined use for 110/220V, 60Hz
Number of flash output circuits : 8
Flash output time : within 17ms
Duty of flash output : 50% (on/off ratio 1:1)
Flickering cycle : choice of 0.5 sec, 1 sec, 2 sec, etc.