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LED traffic signal which uses single color HB LED as a light source of light are installed at the crossroads. It is helpful for safe driving and safe walking by displaying warning signals for vehicle and pedestrian through flickering based on the control signs of traffic signal controller (A/C).

- Keeping the initial brightness through optical output maintenance controller despite the brightness decrease of LED device in case of long use
  (patent no.10-0497813)
- Prohibiting lens pollution caused by dust, through the use of plane lens
- Prohibiting safety accidents due to visor breakaway caused by winds, through adoption of bolt fixture plus visor and door combination, and
  replacing broken parts selectively
- Meeting an amendment to 『Standard Guidelines on LED Traffic Signals(March 7, 2008)』of National Police Agency and 『Regulation on
  Promoting the Distribution of High Efficiency Energy Instrument(April 2, 2008)』of the Ministry of Knowledge Economy (Class 1 product)

- Good product designation certificate Designation no. 2007267
- Performance certificate No. 24-051
- Certificate of high efficiency instrument LED traffic signal no. 255
- Buy-Jeonbuk product certificate No. 49
- Jeonju good product certificate No. 18